• Casstevens Research (including Family & Senior Fund)

  • Steven Daniel Smallen Memorial Fund

  • Class of 1979 Travel Award and DuBourg Travel Award

Please refer to the following information before beginning your project or prior to making any travel arrangements, if applicable.

Students who have been provided with financial support from any of the funds listed above should understand procedures for obtaining funds. The Dean of Faculty Office policy is to reimburse for expenses up to the awarded amount.  Students should submit receipts per the instructions below to: awards@hamilton.edu.  Students who have been awarded with financial support through a fund or grant may choose the frequency in which they submit receipts or opt to wait until their project has been completed. 

To sign up for direct deposit for Accounts Payable, please login into WebAdvisor at: https://webadvisor.hamilton.edu -Click on Students, Financial Information, Bank Information (U.S.).  Please be aware that having direct deposit for Payroll (i.e, student job) will not transfer over to Accounts Payable payments. You must complete a new authorization form via the link above.

The final deadline to submit receipts for all expenses is the Friday before Commencement. 

Before making purchases related to your student project, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Only purchases related to the student project will qualify for reimbursement.
  2. If financial support for travel has been provided, only transportation to the approved location will be reimbursed.
  3. Students wishing to purchase materials for their projects locally and/or within New York State can obtain a tax-exempt form by printing and completing a New York State Tax Exempt Form. The Dean of Faculty Office will not reimburse for taxes incurred from purchases within New York State.
  4. Permanent equipment purchased from any of the above funds remains the property of Hamilton College and must be turned in when the project is complete.
  5. In preparation for reimbursement, please submit electronic copies of receipts to the Dean of Faculty Office by emailing awards@hamilton.edu.  Any requests for reimbursement should contain the following information:
  • Student ID number
  • Direct Deposit (preferred method for reimbursement)
  • Campus mailbox
  • Mobile phone number
  • Complete mailing address if campus mail is not available
  • Scans receipts (please keep copies for personal records)
  • Student per diem per day for meals, if applicable, will be reimbursed at $35 for a maximum of 7 days

Keeping track of your expenditures allows you to plan for any future or remaining purchases associated with the completion of your project.

Questions regarding requests for reimbursements can be directed to the Dean of Faculty Office at awards@hamilton.edu or by dialing 315-859-4881.

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