Hamilton seeks to instill in our students the skills necessary to communicate and work effectively in a digital world.

We want our students to understand the power and limits of computing processes; the potential uses of data, analytics, and computer modeling; the use of digital media to communicate and collaborate; the privacy, security, and other ethical and societal implications of living in an online world; and the basics of information fluency, including how to find, organize, evaluate, and interpret online information.

innovative thinking

Augmented reality, where you see the physical world and there’s digital information that you can mix with it, can facilitate people’s curiosity and learning, and connect people.

John Werner ’92 — Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Meta

Students in Survey of Human Anatomy use virtual reality tools to create videos about explorations of the human body.
Creating and Analyzing Media
Tinkering with Tech

Creating and Analyzing Media

Library and Information Technology Services hosts programs and workshops on topics including 3D printing and VR, digital media editing and design, and information literacy.

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