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Featured Projects

American Prison Writing Archive

The American Prison Writing Archive is a place where incarcerated people can bear witness to the conditions in which they live, to what is working and what is not inside American prisons, and where they can contribute to public debate about the American prison crisis.

Comparative Japanese Film

A database of film video clips and benshi audio clips from the early twentieth century, with annotations and metadata.

New World Nature and Diversity Loss in the Modern Atlantic World

New World Nature student researchers examined the relationships between natural things and their environments to reconstruct how early moderns learned from the nature in which they lived at the dawn of the biological disciplines.

Sacred Centers in India

This project entails a study of Indian sacred centers - Buddhist Bodhgaya and Hindu Gaya.

Slocan Narrows Archaeological Project

SNAP has the goal of documenting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Sinixt First Nation who despite their continued presence in the Pacific Northwest were pronounced extinct in 1956 by the Canadian Government.

The $400 million campaign to provide students with a life-altering education.

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