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1. Uncommon Curriculum

Hamilton’s open curriculum allows you to choose courses that interest you and fit your individual academic plan, not because you have to fulfill distribution requirements. Advisors help you make responsible, informed decisions.

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2. Find Your Voice

Hamilton is a national leader for teaching students to write clearly and speak persuasively. After all, what good is developing a great idea if you can’t communicate it effectively?

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3. Not a Spectator Campus

Learning at Hamilton is active and hands-on, and we expect you to participate. Whether it’s in the classroom or the lab, on the stage or behind the podium, with a club or a sport — students get involved.

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 4. It’s Good to be Different

Hamilton’s campus is characterized by a diverse array of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. Become the person you are meant to be.

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5. Historic and State-of-the-Art Campus

Hamilton was founded more than 200 years ago. Our campus blends historic buildings and traditions with modern facilities and resources.

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6. Our Alumni Network

Most students get to know at least one of Hamilton’s distinguished teacher-scholars as a mentor and friend, and many work closely with professors on research projects. 

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7. Love it Here … Now Go Away

Most of our students – typically about two-thirds – participate in Hamilton’s off-campus study programs in France, Spain, China, New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C., or choose from more than 100 approved programs abroad.

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8. Our Location

Sure we get our share of snow in the winter (OK, more than our share), but Hamiltonians embrace their surroundings. Our campus is gorgeous, the Village of Clinton is picturesque, and there’s lots to do in our region, from hiking and skiing in the Adirondacks to exploring the great cuisine and cultural offerings in nearby Utica. Chicken riggies anyone?

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9.  Successful Outcomes

Hamilton’s faculty will make sure you develop the intellectual skills, our career professionals will help you pursue internships and other career-related experiences, and our alumni will help you build a career network.

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10. Our Admission and Financial Aid Promise

Fewer than 50 U.S. colleges and universities are need-blind in admission and meet 100% of students’ demonstrated need for four years; Hamilton is among them.

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