Hamilton provides a framework for students to own their education, guided by a rich array of resources tailored to their individual interests.

You’re smart, ambitious, and inquisitive with a diverse set of interests, so naturally you’re looking for a college that will challenge you. And since you haven’t had a lot of choices regarding the classes you’ve taken in high school, you can’t wait to pursue what interests you in college. At Hamilton, that freedom is even greater because we are one of the few colleges in the United States with an open curriculum.

Our Open Curriculum Areas of Study

Guided Independence

Hamilton’s open curriculum will allow you to choose courses that reflect your interests; however, with that freedom comes the responsibility to make informed decisions about your intellectual development. That’s why we don’t expect you to chart your course alone. Your faculty advisor and our ALEX (Advise, Learn, and EXperience) program will ensure your academic success, career preparation, experiential learning, and personal growth.

Apply What You Learn

Hamilton also offers countless opportunities for you to take what you learn in the classroom one step further, whether through service learning, community service, or academic research. These experiences take place on campus and off, and often involve independent work supervised by faculty and alumni.

Student Stories

Dewayne Martin ’24

Dewayne Martin Aims to Change Lives

Many young people have grand aspirations to change the world; not all actually do. Dewayne Martin ’24 has such aspirations in abundance and is already proving that he’s willing to see them through.

Shelly Cao ’23

A “Know Thyself” Journey to Harvard’s Graduate School of Design

Oftentimes students feel as though there is a dichotomy between the sciences and the arts and that they must choose one or the other. Enter Shelly Cao ’23, an art and mathematics double major pursuing a combination of both through architecture and showing the paths that emerge from pursuing interdisciplinary interests.

The Journey to ‘Know Thyself’

No matter how many twists and turns your journey to “know thyself” takes, you can count on these promises we make to all of our students.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Explore Your Passions


    Your Passions

    An open curriculum will allow you to discover and pursue almost any interest.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Expand Your Perspectives


    Your Perspectives

    You’ll be exposed to new ideas and interact with people who have different perspectives.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Express Yourself



    Communicate effectively so that you’ll be prepared for whatever career you choose.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Expect Opportunity



    We promise to meet each applicant’s full need, and we are need-blind in admission.

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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