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Timeline and Process for Re-applicants

If you have already applied to medical or dental school with a Committee Letter from the Hamilton Health Professions Advisory Committee, please do the following:

By February 1 of the application year:
Submit a new Declaration of Intent (along with the Release of Information and Confidentiality Waiver)

By June 1 of the application year:

  1. Submit 1-2 updated or new letters of recommendation. For updated letters from original writers, ask each evaluator to send the letter (on stationery and signed) to Cheney Cronin at hpa@hamilton.edu. For any new evaluators, open your existing account in veCollect, create new letter records, and generate letter requests.
  2. Send the following documents by email to Cheney Cronin at hpa@hamilton.edu:
  • Updated resume
  • A Word doc titled “Update” that lists and explains everything you have done since your last application to strengthen your candidacy (e.g. work and volunteer experiences, MCAT/DAT re-takes, additional coursework.)
  • A new personal statement – admission committees will expect it to be substantially different from your previous statement.
  1. Send any additional (non-Hamilton) transcripts from coursework taken since your last application to Cheney Cronin at hpa@hamilton.edu

By June 30 of the application year:

  1. Call the Career Center to schedule a brief “interview” with Leslie Bell to provide an update on your experiences, growth, and accomplishments since your last application.

Based on all of the new information provided, an addendum will be written and added to your original committee letter, and any new/updated letters of recommendation will be added or exchanged. At the discretion of the Health Professions Advisor, your candidacy may be re-presented to the Health Professions Advisory Committee for re-evaluation.

Letters will be uploaded beginning on or about July 1 but not until you submit your application.

Contact Information

Leslie Bell

Director of Health Professions Advising
315-859-4338 lbell@hamilton.edu
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