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Whether you are clear about your professional goals or are still exploring, Hamilton offers a multitude of opportunities to help you prepare for your desired profession.

We will offer you information, encouragement, and guidance — and help you gain career-related experiences. We’ll also help you with your post-graduate planning. It is your responsibility, however, to seek advice and make your questions known.

The Health Professions Advising website is your information hub. For the fields of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nursing, physician assistant, and physical therapy, there is detailed information about course requirements; academic planning; gaining experience; and applying to professional schools. For those who are exploring options in the health field or planning broadly, there are links to a variety of health careers websites as well as a year-by-year calendar.

Courtney Hance, the director of Health Professions Advising, offers workshops and programs throughout the year to provide students with information about various health professions as well as the process and timeline for applying to health professions schools. She also offers individual advising to students at all steps along the way.

In addition, all incoming students are assigned a career advisor who will help students pursue career-related experiences during the summer, including summer research, internships and volunteer clinical experiences, as well as post-graduate employment (e.g. medically related experience and/or research) prior to grad school. In the event that you decide to pursue career options outside of the health professions, your career advisor will help you explore these interests.

Advising services offered:

  • guidance on how to prepare for your intended health profession
  • assistance in gaining shadowing/medically-related experiences
  • help with applications, including letters of recommendation and personal statements
  • interview preparation


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Courtney Hance

Director of Health Professions Advising

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