On-Campus Housing

  • The cost of on-campus housing from June 8 - 11 is a one time fee regardless of length of stay. Room type selected determines the cost of the housing fee. Room types include: single (1 bed), double (2 beds), triple (3 beds) and quad (4 beds).
Room Type One Time Fee
Single $100
Double $200
Triple $300
Quad $400
  • Choose the room type that provides the adequate number of beds needed. For example, a couple with a toddler that sleeps in a pack-n-play should choose a double room.
  • On-campus accommodations are only available to those who register and pay a registration fee. See Registration Information webpage for details on registration cost.
  • On-campus housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis and only after your registration and housing fees are paid.
  • The last day to reserve or to change on-campus housing online is May 22. After May 22, contact the Housing Coordinator at hamdorm@hamilton.edu to determine availability. Refunds will be available until June 2.
  • Keep in mind that the on-campus dorm rooms lack many of the luxuries of a hotel room and that there are still some bunk beds, shared bathrooms and the possibility of warm weather without air conditioning or cool weather and the need for extra blankets.

Packages with the following items will be provided in each bed: two towels (slightly larger than hand towels in size), one washcloth, top and bottom sheets, one blanket (you may want to bring an extra one in case of cool weather), one pillowcase, and one pillow. We recommend bringing bathrobes, hangers, shower shoes, hand soap, and a portable crib for infants and toddlers. Please note: we are not a hotel and do not provide toiletries, hangers, refrigerators, microwaves, hair dryers, or ice buckets in the dorm rooms. Toiletries may be purchased in town (CVS, Kinney Drugs, and Hannaford's) or at the College Bookstore. You may want to consider bringing a fan and a lamp as these are not available in the rooms.

You only need to select the appropriate number of beds for you and your guest(s); you and your guest will be housed together and your room key will be in your packet at registration.

Friends that wish to register separately may still room together, provided that one person reserves a room with the total number of needed beds. Keys get distributed to the person that registered for the room. Extra keys are provided to the person who registered for the room.

The Alumni Office will make every attempt to house class years together.

One person may register for a double, triple, or quad with the idea of sharing the space with family members or friends. Key sets will be placed in the registration packet of the person who registered for the room. That person can distribute the extra keys to their friends/family. Room guests do not need to register for housing.

There are limited facilities available and we will provide them first to our 50th Reunion Class and our Post-50th Reunion attendees. If you need a private bathroom or handicap accessibility, we recommend off-campus accommodations. 

If having a private bath is a necessity for you, we recommend that you make alternative reservations at a local hotel in case we are not able to accommodate you on-campus. Be mindful that most hotels will charge for reservations canceled within a certain number of days prior to the arrival date. Your hotel can let you know what its policy is. Prior to canceling your hotel room, please contact our Housing Coordinator at hamdorm@hamilton.edu to see whether or not we are able to accommodate your request.

If having a handicap accessible/private bath is a necessity for you, we recommend that you make alternative reservations at a local hotel since our facilities are limited.

For those who are only able to attend reunions or private society/affinity events on the Friday of Reunions Weekend, on-campus housing is available as an a la carte option for Friday night only. You should register by selecting "Friday Only Registration". If you require housing for more than Friday night, you should register by selecting the “Reunions Registration”.

For those who are only able to attend reunions/affinity events on the Saturday of Reunions Weekend, on-campus housing is available as an a la carte option for Saturday night only. You should register by selecting "Saturday Only Registration". If you require housing for more than Saturday night, you should register by selecting the “Reunions Registration”.

Once you have completed your registration online a reunions registration confirmation message is sent to the email address that you used at the time of registration. The confirmation message includes your confirmation number and a "Modify Your Registration" link above your confirmation details. Clicking the link will bring up a new page and a field to enter your confirmation number. Click the "Log In" button and your registration details will appear along with "Modify Your Registration" and "Cancel Registration" buttons along the bottom. 

You cannot have more than one room reservation at one time. In order to change your room, de-select your old selection and then select your updated number of beds. Please note, you need to click on the “Submit” button to receive an updated confirmation email.

If you did not register and reserve your room using our online registration, then you can contact our Housing Coordinator at hamdorm@hamilton.edu to request a room change. Refund requests for housing cancelations must be made by May 22After May 22, changes to your housing assignment are made on a case by case basis by our Housing Coordinator.

On-campus housing costs on your registration must be paid in full at time of registration to secure your room.

Please contact the Housing Coordinator at hamdorm@hamilton.edu for family friendly options.

Otherwise, if a family environment is not a necessity, then the Alumni Office recommends requesting a quad and our office will assign an available dorm room. Families requiring more than 4 beds should contact our Housing Coordinator at hamdorm@hamilton.edu to inquire about availability.

Adults bringing infants or toddlers that will be sleeping in a pack-n-play, should choose a room type that can accommodate the number of adults that need a bed.

After removing all your personal items from your dorm room and returning the room to its original condition, we ask that you keep your key with you and you lock the dorm door. Please return your key to its key envelope and deposit it in the key drop box located in Kirner-Johnson 102 during registration hours or just outside of Kirner-Johnson 102 when registration is closed. If you have lost your key envelope, please take a blank envelope from near the drop box and write your dorm, room number, and name. Make sure that friends/family with extra keys return their keys properly as well. This extra step saves us a lot of time in the key return process. If you lose your key or leave campus with it and don't return it, you will be subject to a lost key fee.

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