Critical Languages Program

Mary Beth Helderle

Critical Languages Program

Languages offered in the CLP are self-instructional courses that meet in small groups three times a week with a student tutor. Interested students should read carefully the Student Study Guide posted on the Critical Languages Program website for important information on the Program format. Feel free to contact Mary Beth Helderle at 315-859-4776 with any questions. Enrolled students must drop off their course schedules to MB Helderle in CJ 302 by 4pm the first day of classes so that the class schedule can be arranged with the tutor.

Generally the CLP does not offer courses beyond second year. Occasionally, due to staffing, there is an interruption in a sequence. Additional languages cannot be added for an up-coming academic year, but will be considered for the following year.

There is no minor or major available in languages offered in the CLP.