Students in the CLP are responsible for their own learning and are required, therefore, to be highly self-motivated and disciplined. In addition to rigorous daily work with texts, multimedia and other instructional materials, students meet with a student native-speaker of the language in regularly scheduled tutorial sessions.
  • Tutor sessions are devoted to language use and reinforcement, not to presentation of material, grammatical explanations, or discussions in English. Language learning is time-intensive and practice is essential in preparing for classes that are performance-based and highly interactive.
  • The primary focus of the course is on verbal acquisition or the ability to use the language in the spoken form and listening and reading comprehension.
  • The CLP does not offer courses beyond the second year. Occasionally, due to staffing, there is an interruption in the two-year sequence. Additional languages cannot be added for an up-coming academic year, but will be considered for the following year.
  • Your first responsibility as a student enrolled in the Critical Languages Program is to carefully read all sections of the Student Study Guide. The following sections explain the specific guidelines and policies of the CLP, your responsibilities as a student in the Program, effective study strategies, the role of the tutor, the nature of the tutorials, and the exams. You are responsible for understanding all the information included in the Student Study Guide.


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