The Critical Languages Program is designed for highly motivated students who are dedicated to learning a language and have the discipline, time, and self-direction required. Students unwilling to make a commitment to rigorous and disciplined daily study and practice are not encouraged to register for the Program.
It is very important that students understand their responsibilities in the Program. Please read the following carefully.
  1. You are your own teacher. Successful language mastery depends on you. Your commitment, participation, and especially your self-discipline and study habits will determine your success.
  2. The textbooks, multimedia materials, and tutor are your resources. Each plays an important and precise role, and it is your responsibility to utilize each properly.
  3. The tutor is not a teacher. The tutorials should not in any way be equated with a typical class. Do not assume, as you might in a normal course, that you are coming to class to be taught. The tutorials are for the reinforcement and correction of material that you have already practiced in order to participate fully.
  4. Language learning in the Critical Languages Program is focused on communicative competence and regular practice is essential to be properly prepared to participate in class. The text, the tutorial and the tutor are important components, but your success is determined by the hours of practice required to perfect the material.
  5. You are expected to attend all tutorials and be properly prepared. A thorough command of the material is required in order to participate in class activities. You should expect to spend at least 10-12 hours per week in language study and practice.
  6. You are permitted 3 excused absences for any reason (illness, job interview, travel etc) . Use them judiciously. Each absence beyond 3 will result in a one third reduction of the final course grade unless notified regarding any absence beyond 3 by the Dean of Students Office. Three late arrivals of 15 minutes or more will be considered an absence. Frequent tardiness less than 15 minutes will also be counted as an absence. Three poor class preparations or failures to turn in assignments will constitute an absence.
  7. Your tutor will send me bi-monthly reports of your attendance and progress. If you must miss a class, if possible please notify your tutor in advance. It is still considered an absence.
  8. The use of English and linguistic discussions are inappropriate in the tutorial session and you should be prepared to accept this. Only the target language is spoken and, unless essential for a particular exercise, the sessions are conducted with textbooks closed.
  9. You will have a mid-term exam and a final exam with an external examiner who is accredited in the target language.
  10. Your final course grade will be based on a midterm exam 1/3, and a final exam 2/3 in addition to the policies outlined in #6.  
  11. The practice materials are an integral part of the instructional materials and should not be regarded as optional or supplementary. While the textbook provides a language structural framework, it does not provide the audio required to improve listening comprehension and fluency.
  12. Individual conferences will be scheduled a few weeks into the semester. You, of course, should not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Mary Beth Helderle

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