There are two sea kayaking trips this year. Both trips travel approximately the same distance, about 25 miles.
Lake Champlain (Medium)

This trip offers a unique opportunity to explore one of the still-undiscovered prime locations for sea kayaking. Lake Champlain, which for a brief period was designated one of the Great Lakes, stands at the eastern edge of the Adirondacks and is the western boundary of New England.

Enjoy great paddling along quiet channels and through wildlife sanctuaries. Camp on islands accessible only by water.

Travelling by kayak allows for a much closer view of the great blue heron, wood duck and mergansers that summer on the lake.

Cranberry Lake (Mild)

Where better to learn basic boat skills than on Cranberry Lake, on the western edge of the Adirondack Park? This trip leaves the small town of Cranberry Lake and paddles to one of the many islands that dot the southern end of the lake.

The next two days are spent exploring the secluded beauty of the lake, with an optional day-hike up Cat Mountain, with its fantastic views and abundant blackberries.

It is thought that Cranberry Lake was formed in a meteor crater, and there are certainly many interesting geological features to be found in the area.


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