2020 Orientation Updates
Circumstances permitting, Orientation for all new students will now begin on Thursday, August 20, and will include interest-based day-trips, small-group bonding opportunities, and introductions to key campus resources. The well-being and smooth transition of our new students is our top priority, and a slightly shortened Hamilton base-camp experience — in which all students overnight on campus and explore central NY and the Hamilton campus during the day — seems the optimal way to achieve these goals. The single most powerful feature of our orientation trips remains the same: the amazing student leaders who will befriend you, mentor you, answer your questions, and be there for you in the following months. They are the best way to get to know the culture and norms of this community, and we are committed to maximizing your time with them, even if Covid-19 prevents that from happening on a multi-day trip.
Hamilton College offers three branches of orientation adventure trips that provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for easing new students into college life. While the focus and activities of each trip will differ, the core objectives are always the same.
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Exploration Adventure (XA)

Explore a theme or topic, while learning more about the local community and central New York. XA boasts a wide variety of trips, including trips focused on the arts, history, sustainability, nature and more.

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Adirondack Adventure (AA)

There are a variety of trips to choose from, everything from beginning canoeing to challenging hiking or rock climbing. In groups of eight to 12, students spend a day on campus preparing for a four-day wilderness camping trip. Trips are self-supported, carrying their own food and equipment for their journey. There's something for everyone on Adirondack Adventure!

Outreach Adventure Trip

Outreach Adventure (OA)

OA gives students the chance to explore the area surrounding Hamilton. Activities may include serving in a meal program for the homeless, working with Habitat for Humanity, helping with a summer program for children at a local museum or performing environmental service work.

Contact Information

Tessa Chefalo

Director of Orientation and First-Year Programs
315-859-4846 tchefalo@hamilton.edu
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