200 Days in the Life of the College

Saturday, September 4, 2010

She can be a fan at last

By Alexandra Orlov ’13

“Not skirts, kilts!”

Kerri Fagan corrects the bystander with an easy laugh as they watch the first women’s field hockey game of the season from the sidelines of the turf field on Campus Road. Fagan, the new associate director of athletics, played varsity field hockey for UMass Amherst, but on this picturesque September afternoon, while the crowd cheers on Hamilton as it battles SUNY Geneseo, she talks about her new life in Central New York.

The stands erupt when Hamilton scores to go up 2-0. “I’m used to having to be neutral; I have to remind myself that I’m allowed to take sides,” Fagan says. Before coming to Hamilton, Fagan served most recently as a senior associate commissioner for the NCAA Division I America East Conference, where she had to remain impartial during contests she attended.

That work also usually kept her confined to an office in Cambridge, Mass., so Fagan now relishes her day-to-day interactions with students on Hamilton’s campus. In fact, her office on the second floor of the Blood Fitness and Dance Center looks out on Martin’s Way — the campus’s major thoroughfare, always bustling with students. She points out that she has received an incredibly warm welcome from everyone in the Department of Athletics and the Hamilton community.


During the game, Hamilton President Joan Hinde Stewart and Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Monica Inzer approach and ask Fagan how her relocation to nearby New Hartford has been going. As they chat, Hamilton scores its third goal. No longer an impartial spectator, Fagan, along with Stewart and Inzer, claps and cheers loudly for her new team, the Continentals.