200 Days in the Life of the College

Friday, April 22

If it doesn't grow, it's got to go

Cynthia Batista ’13, working under the Martin’s Way Bridge, is one of about 15 students who pitch in for a campus-wide cleanup sponsored by the Hamilton Environmental Action Group (HEAG) and the Arboretum Association to mark Earth Day. “I think the cleanup is an important community-building activity that can really get people invested in helping make the campus a greener place,” says HEAG’s Katherine Costa ’12. “I for one had no idea how much trash there was on this campus until I saw it all collected.” The cleanup is one of several annual Green Week activities organized by HEAG. Adds the group’s Jen Santoro ’11: “Green Week is important for Hamilton because it provides at least a short-term campus-wide opportunity for students to get involved in environmental issues.”