• The Levitt (Center) Law & Justice Lab, a program designed for students interested in synthesizing perspectives on public policy issues, just concluded a semester focused on exploring policies affecting homelessness in Utica, N.Y. The experience was led by Professors Frank Anechiarico (government), Herman Lehman (biology), Philip Bean (history), and Gwendolyn Dordick (government).

  • An alumni panel of experts, representing the payer, provider, legal and pharmaceutical perspectives, discussed the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, at the 15th Annual 1812 Leadership Circle Weekend in New York on Saturday, Dec. 8.

  • The small Kirner-Johnson classroom was packed on Monday, May 3, for a debate regarding Obama’s healthcare reforms and how these policies might be bettered. Fourteen public policy majors, “armed only with a semester's worth of study of the economics, ethics and politics of health care,” engaged in the debate.

  • It has taken 17 years, but the president and Congress have finally accomplished what eight Hamilton students achieved as part of a public policy class: overhaul the health care system.


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