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  • Bryce Fan ’20 intended to study world politics and Chinese before he discovered his passion for writing. Follow Fan’s path to a job he’ll begin after graduation with the political speechwriting firm West Wing Writers.

  • Hamilton’s Common Ground program ventured to the nation’s capital on Jan. 29 where a dozen students in the Washington, D.C., program and about 20 area alumni area engaged in discussion around impeachment.

  • Throughout the past 50 years, students in Hamilton’s Program in Washington, D.C., have had an up-close look at Constitutional crises and political fireworks while living, learning, and interning in the nation’s capital. This semester has been no exception, with the potential impeachment of President Trump.

  • Last weekend more than 100 alumni, students, and faculty members gathered in our nation's capital to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hamilton’s Washington D.C. Program.

  • Students in the Washington, D.C., Program recently spent some time at the Capitol where they visited with Rep. Anthony Brindisi of New York’s 22nd Congressional District.

  • Students in the Washington, D.C., Program recently visited Mount Vernon. They were accompanied by program director Alan Cafruny.

  • Martine Kalaw ’03 met with students on the DC program to discuss themes in her recently published book, Illegal Among Us: A Stateless Woman's Quest for Citizenship. She discussed how her lack of citizenship status affected her experience at Hamilton, despite making the most of it as a Hamilton, Adirondack Adventure Leader, and Residential Advisor for her semester on the New York City program.

  • Nanaka Suzuki ‘20 is spending her semester in Hamilton’s Washington, D.C., Program interning for Search For Common Ground’s Production Team. Search For Common Ground is a non-profit that works to resolve foreign conflicts through peaceful dialogue and discussion. Although peacemaking might not get as much public attention as more visible approaches such as protesting, it has contributed to many examples of slow yet sustainable social change in conflict-ridden countries.

  • Karianna Torres ’21 is interning for C-Span’s Department of Education, a branch of the network that is used as a resource for teachers by devising lesson plans and video competitions to get students involved in government affairs.

  • In the final event of the Fall 2018 Washington D.C Program, Nathaniel Hurd ’99 met with the students on the program and recounted how his research at Hamilton led him to his current career.

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