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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business and career-oriented social networking site, used mainly for professional networking. The site allows users to create a profile and establish connections with people that they know and trust.

How do I join LinkedIn?

You can join linked in by visiting the site and signing up. After your account is created, you may begin filling out your profile.

What is the Hamilton College Community group on LinkedIn?

The Hamilton Community is a group on LinkedIn that facilitates the establishment of LinkedIn connections between people that share a Hamilton connection. All members of the Hamilton College community (students, alumni, faculty, staff and parents) are welcome to join the LinkedIn group.

If I join LinkedIn, am I automatically a member of the Hamilton group?

No, you must join the Hamilton Community separately.

Do I have to be a member of LinkedIn to be a member of the Hamilton group there?


I tried to join the Hamilton Community on LinkedIn, but it tells me that I need to be approved by the group manager.

Hamilton College wants to ensure that membership in the group is limited to those with a connection to the College. It may take one or two days to review your request to join. It helps us if you provide LinkedIn with as many of your email addresses as possible, as we use email addresses as a way to authenticate you into the group. Please note that LinkedIn has a policy of not sending unsolicited email to their members, and will not use any of your e-mail addresses for any other purpose than to help authenticate you with a group.

If you still have problems joining the group, please call Hamilton at (866) 729-0313 and ask to speak with the LinkedIn group manager.

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