Place a link to The Scroll on your home screen and view it side by side with your other apps. This can be done by bookmarking the site and then adding it to your home screen.

For step by step instructions, follow the directions listed below.

iPhone/iPad Instructions

  1. Visit http://www.hamilton.edu/thescroll in the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini
  2. Click the Forward icon  
    (at the bottom center of the screen on an iPhone or the top of screen, just to the left of the address bar on an iPad or iPad Mini), to bring up several options
  3. Choose "Add to Home Screen"
  4. Give the app a name, such as "The Scroll"
  5. Click Add

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Android Instructions

  1. Visit http://www.hamilton.edu/thescroll from a Web browser
  2. Bookmark the page
  3. Go to your Bookmarks
  4. Long touch (press for 3 seconds) on The Scroll bookmark
  5. A menu will pop up.  Select "Add shortcut to home" or "Add to home screen"
  6. Return to your home screen

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