Six Hamilton students — Lara Barreira ’25, Nickie Conlogue ’25, Miranda Gregory ’25, Kelvin Nunez ’24, Christina Stoll ’25, and Mimosa Van ’26 — are studying abroad this semester, thanks to assistance from Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships. 
Lara Barreira ’25
Madrid, Spain

History major Lara Barreira chose to study in Spain not only because she’s interested in its history and culture, but also because she’s eager to explore the archives and learn more about the country.

Barreira said she’s looking forward to connecting with people from all types of backgrounds. “I really want to be immersed in the community and foster conversations about all type of relevant topics,” she said. “I applied to the Gilman because I liked that it’s a program set to have students step out of their comfort zone, whether in choosing to going abroad in the first place or having the expectation that we will do more once we are there and allowing us to thrive.”

Barreira is a Posse scholar and a member of the Black and Latinx Student Union.

Nickie Conlogue ’25
SIT Jordan: Counseling & Humanitarian Action Internship

Conlogue will study in Jordan this summer because she wants to explore a country and culture that she has not had the opportunity to experience firsthand. “Jordan’s unique natural locations, historic sites, cuisine, and hospitality are a few reasons why I decided to study there,” she said.

A government major, Conlogue also cited the research, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities that she’s been involved with and her professors, such as Kira Jumet, who, she said, “have supported, advised, and guided me during my college journey, ultimately leading to my choice of program.”

“With my Gilman scholarship, I will not only be able to make studying abroad a reality, but also give other students the courage to dream about studying abroad.”

Miranda Gregory ’25
Miranda Gregory ’25
Seoul, South Korea
CIEE Arts + Sciences Program

Gregory chose to study in South Korea because she wanted to challenge herself and get out of her comfort zone. “I wanted to try something completely different from the States, and South Korea’s rich cultural heritage paired with its technological innovation was a dynamic I had to experience,” she said.

A biology major with a minor in digital arts, Gregory said she came to Hamilton hoping to study abroad during her junior year. “However, I knew that financial hardships and lack of sufficient funds were the biggest barriers to my dream,” she said. “Now with my Gilman scholarship, I will not only be able to make studying abroad a reality, but also give other students the courage to dream about studying abroad.”

Kelvin Nunez ’24
Dominican Republic
Davicito Paredes Studio Internship Program

Nunez wanted to study in the Dominican Republic because his family is from there, and his Dominican- American identity is the impetus for his Senior Fellowship project. “I have a tremendous opportunity to continue to learn more about my culture and its music by taking the lessons and feedback acquired in the program to the auditory portion of my project as I create a Philly-Dominican album fusion,” he said.

Nunez, an interdisciplinary major focusing on written, auditory, and visual storytelling, looks forward to building relationships with musicians and gaining valuable hands-on experience. He said the Gilman “presented an opportunity to go home, forge and deepen connections, and improve myself and my work.”

Mimosa Van ’26
Copenhagen, Denmark
DIS Copenhagen

Van, a biochemistry major and math minor, said she is most looking forward to traveling and exploring Copenhagen — especially the country’s architecture — when she travels there this fall. A member of ROOTS and the Outing Club on campus, she said her study abroad advisor encouraged her to apply for the Gilman.

Christina Stoll ’25
Indonesia: SIT Arts, Religion, and Social Change

Stoll, a philosophy major with an intended art history and government double minor, said she’s always been interested in Eastern philosophy, particularly the intersections between religion and life philosophy. So, Indonesia which recognizes six official religions, was the perfect place to explore that topic, she said.

While in Indonesia Stoll said she wants to try new foods, learn how to cook from her homestay mother, and acquire new art skills such as woodworking and silver making. 

Stoll applied for the Gilman because she was interested in access to a larger Gilman network post-study abroad and the additional support of scholarship money, she said.

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