Sam Besca ’22.
While a concentration in government is not typically associated with a career in acting, Sam Besca ’22 has pursued her passions for both politics and storytelling at Hamilton and will be headed to the Atlantic Acting School in New York City this August.

As part of the Atlantic Acting School’s three-year program, Besca will study full time at the conservatory, attending classes such as script analysis and performance techniques. Conservatory students also have opportunities to perform on off-Broadway stages in the city. 

After spending her first year of college at New York University, Besca transferred to Hamilton. “I felt like I was missing the community aspect of my college experience,” Besca said. “What made me fall in love with Hamilton was how warm everyone on campus was when I visited.”

While fulfilling course requirements for her government concentration, Besca found an appreciation for policy and criminal justice reform. “The class that had the biggest impact on my life was the law and justice lab I took with Professor Frank Anechiarico,” Besca said. “That class exposed me to a side of the criminal justice system I was really passionate about changing, and I met some people I would still consider my closest friends.” This semester, she completed her senior thesis on human trafficking prevention. 

Outside of her government classes, Besca participates in student productions both as an actor and behind the scenes. She’s currently involved in the mainstage production while also working on a student film. “Over quarantine, I got really into sewing and garment making, so when I got back to campus, I really wanted to keep doing it. A lot of actors don’t get the opportunity to experience the technical aspect of theatre, so it gave me a lot of perspective,” she added. 

Sam Besca ’22

Major: Government
Hometown: New York, New York
High School: Millbrook School
Activities: MainStage production; the Center for Intersectional Feminism

Ultimately, it was Besca’s love of storytelling and the creativity it encompasses that led her to pursue a career in theatre. “Once I reflected on what I wanted in life, I realized how important storytelling was and how it made me fulfilled,” she said. “I really want to dedicate my life to working in a creative space.” 

Besca’s unique path also allowed her to appreciate the multidisciplinarity Hamilton encourages and nurtures. “There are a lot of people at Hamilton with interests that seem like they won’t mesh, but they end up being able to work their interests together, which I find creates really interesting individuals.”

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