Mukund Jayaram '22
Mukund Jayaram ’22 will be working as a research analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland after graduation.
How did you decide you wanted to go into economics research?

I really enjoyed economics since high school and came to Hamilton pretty confident it would be my concentration. I didn’t know what opportunities economics majors had after graduation, so I didn’t explore career paths such as finance and consulting. I knew that I enjoyed my economics courses and wanted a job where I could use that knowledge. I had a lot of encouragement from my professors in the economics and mathematics departments. In particular, my advisor, Professor [Emily] Conover, supported my interests and recommended the research analyst position to me.

Were there any influential courses that helped you settle on a career path?

My higher-level economics courses got me more interested in research. In particular, my courses in Industrial Organization and Development Economics exposed me to what economics research is like and helped me realize that it is something I’d enjoy doing as a career. I’m currently finishing up my senior thesis, which has given me the opportunity to explore an area of economics I’m passionate about and apply all that I’ve learned.

What are some things you’re excited about at your new position?

I’m really excited to be working with economists who are doing such important research. Research analysts typically assist two or three economists with their work and have the opportunity to co-author academic papers and bank publications. I’ll be able to learn a lot, develop a great set of skills, and work in a collaborative environment. I’m also looking forward to living in Cleveland. Though it wasn’t the city I’d envisioned living in after graduation, it has a great culture and is very affordable.

Mukund Jayaram ’22

Majors: Economics and Mathematics
Hometown: Bengaluru, India
High School: The International School Bangalore
Activities: The Spectator, Advancement Office data science intern

What do you see yourself doing in five years?

The research analyst position is great experience for graduate school in economics and related fields such as finance, statistics, and law. I’m looking forward to working at the Cleveland Fed for a few years and honing in on my interests before eventually pursuing a graduate degree.

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