Each year, approximately 50% of Hamilton students receive financial aid. Nearly $44 million is currently committed to the annual financial aid budget.

Communications Office student writer Kyra Richardson ’21 tells how Hamilton’s financial aid has enabled her to not only attend Hamilton but take advantage of all the College has to offer. She also spoke with other students about how financial aid has made their education affordable and possible.

Kyra Richardson ’21:

As a financial aid recipient myself, I recognize just how much my college experience relies on the money I receive. Throughout the application process, I feared my inability to pay for college would force me to sacrifice my education. Luckily, I found an institution that recognizes my family’s financial situation and, despite that, still provides me with the opportunity to attend Hamilton.

financial aid at hamilton

Financial aid is a priority of the Because Hamilton campaign and donor support is critical to ensuring the College continues to attract the very best students regardless of their financial need.

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To pay for my tuition, I work on-campus jobs that provide me with a necessary income but have also introduced me to many incredible friends and colleagues. My financial aid has also taught me to take advantage of all of Hamilton’s resources; I was able to go on a fully-funded trip to Japan last summer through the Levitt Center, an opportunity I certainly could not afford without funding. When I entered college, I thought that my financial situation would hinder me from making the most of my four years. Instead, I have learned to become more resourceful and inventive in achieving my goals, a crucial skill that I will carry beyond Hamilton.

I have spent a meaningful portion of my time in college connecting with other students who receive financial aid. While our experiences differ, we often agree that our aid was a significant factor in our decision to attend Hamilton. Here are some other questions I posed to my peers about their experiences with financial aid and Hamilton.

Juanita Gordon '21
Juanita Gordon '21

Juanita Gordon ’21:

Has your financial aid altered your experience at Hamilton at all?

My financial aid package came with the requirement that I had to participate in the HEOP program. This has altered my experience with Hamilton greatly. It has given me a great support system with the faculty within the program and a group of students who completed HEOP with me.

How do you find the process of applying for aid at Hamilton? Can anything be improved?

I think the process of applying for aid, in general, is confusing. There are a lot of different websites and forms we need to complete (FASFA, TAP, CSS) and I wish there was just one form that covered everything for in state and out-of-state students. I do like how Hamilton has their financial aid checklist so I can see what I have turned in and what I need to do.

Abigail Henkel '21
Abigail Henkel '21

Abigail Henkel ’21:

Did your financial aid impact your decision to attend Hamilton?

Yes, my financial aid package impacted my decision to come to Hamilton. It was nearly half the price of other private schools that I got into. It was slightly more than the public school I was admitted to. My parents are paying my tuition, and they believed that the few thousand dollars more would be worth the extra opportunities that I’d find at a small, private, liberal arts school like Hamilton.

Has your financial aid altered your experience at Hamilton at all?

I wouldn’t be at Hamilton if it [weren't] for the financial aid. It will also allow me to afford to study abroad in France all next year because the financial aid carries over to the Hamilton in France program.

Nathan Koike 21
Nathan Koike '21

Nathan Koike ’21:

Has your financial aid altered your experience at Hamilton at all?

Not really. I've always been a bit more conscious of my spending habits, but otherwise, my experience is the same. I work much harder than I used to but that’s mostly due to the difficulty of the classes and not my desire to keep my financial aid. This matters more than one might think; I have much less stress because my financial aid is need-based, so I can focus more on learning rather than having the grades I need to keep my scholarships.

Allison Babbitt '21

Allison Babbitt ’21:

Did your financial aid impact your decision to attend Hamilton?

Yes, it definitely did [impact my decision to attend Hamilton]— it was probably the strongest deciding factor for me. It was comparable to what I got at Colby but much better than UVM which were the two other schools I seriously considered.

How do you find the process of applying for aid at Hamilton? Can anything be improved? 

It is a little hard especially during my first year, mostly because I don’t know all my family’s information off the top of my head and getting straight answers from my parents when I’m away at college is difficult. But it’s pretty user-friendly.

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