David Wippman.
 In “Florida’s educational gag order: More extensive and damaging than you realize,” an essay that appeared in The Hill, President David Wippman and his coauthor, Cornell Professor of American Studies Glenn Altschuler, argued that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Stop Woke Act “whitewashes or erases American history.” Appearing on Oct. 23, the essay detailed earlier court cases involving free expression and pointed to building threats to our First Amendment rights.  

“Supporters of the Stop Woke Act should remember that if the political winds shift, the law could be used to suppress speech they might favor,” the authors warned.

In conclusion, they noted that “academic freedom has contributed mightily to the domination of American colleges and universities in virtually every list of the world’s best institutions of higher education.

“If House Bill 7 [Stop Woke Act] wins, all of us lose.”

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In the last few years, Wippman and Altschuler have written many opinion pieces for major publications, including The Hill, Inside Higher Ed, The New York Times, and University Business.

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