Hamilton students and faculty will teach Spanish to students at Clinton Elementary School.

For the seventh year, Hamilton students will teach Spanish to students at Clinton Elementary School. Coordinated by Hamilton’s Hispanic Studies Department, the program was started by Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies Edna Rodríguez-Plate in 2012.

Hamilton students participate in a training workshop to learn about teaching methods and to discuss lesson plans. They then work with kindergarten to fifth grade students at Clinton Elementary during recess or lunch, giving them an opportunity to experience teaching and volunteering at all grade levels.

The program begins in October and continues through the end of the semester, allowing teaching to take place both indoors and out. Previous years’ activities have included games such as “Red Light Green Light,” and a pen-pal letter and postcard exchange with students in Argentina.

Former volunteers have described being able to share what they know about the Spanish language with the community as “empowering” and “an opportunity to practice outside of the classroom and think about things differently.”

Program coordinators this year are Teaching Fellow and Visiting Instructor of Hispanic Studies Maria Gabriela Portal, Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies Jack Martinez Arias, Joanna (Anna) Zhang ’20, and Emily (Emma) Weller ’20.

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