Eleanor Struthers '22
Eleanor Struthers ’22 has been hired as an investment banking analyst for KBW after her Hamilton graduation in May. She will join the San Francisco office after working with the team as a summer analyst in the depository group. Below Struthers discusses what made her consider a career in investment banking and how Hamilton prepared her.
What influenced you to choose a career path in investment banking?

Despite going to a liberal arts school, I heard a lot about investment banking and finance through my peers in the Economics Department. I spent a lot of time networking with people of different careers and decided to give investment banking a shot for a summer internship. The alumni network was extremely helpful when talking to alumni who worked at KBW and its parent company, Stifel. Alumni reached out to [Hamilton] for women for the internship, which was great representation for women in finance.

What led you to take your return offer at KBW?

The San Francisco location is great because the office is small … which is similar to the environment at Hamilton. I felt comfortable and appreciative of my co-workers’ motivation to sit and work with me, especially on things I did not understand. The other interns and I felt like a great team.

What are you looking forward to most?

I currently live in Connecticut and have attended schools in small towns, so I can’t wait to experience living in a city for the first time. I am excited to train with the other analysts and meet more people with shared interests. It will be rewarding seeing the work I put in get published, and work on tangible deals, such as cryptocurrency. I did some work …. for Silvergate, which is the cryptocurrency bank, and … on TriCo Bancshares acquiring Valley Republic Bank. All of this we refer to as in the “depositories industry,” but the Silvergate bank, in particular, was cool because it is the first ever cryptocurrency bank to [be an] initial public offering and be listed on the New York stock exchange.

Eleanor Struthers ’22

Major: Economics
Hometown: West Hartford, Conn.
High School: Loomis Chaffe
Activities: squash team, tennis team, and Admission tour guide

How did Hamilton prepare you for last summer’s internship and your future job?

I took different Wall Street prep classes through the College every winter break. My career advisor and other Hamilton students helped with the interview process. My fellow students were the best resources for interviewing because I got to talk to people who had been through the internship interview process. Additionally, I took courses in the Economics Department that were not necessarily finance-focused but very helpful.

What advice would you give to other Hamilton students interested in pursuing investment banking?

Networking is extremely important. Personally however, reaching out to current seniors who have done internships helps with advice about recent experience in the field. Your peers can help you go into an interview confident and give great application tips.

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