Hamilton students and New York City program director Erol Balkan with a <em>Star Wars</em> character.

Students participating in the fall 2017 New York City Program attended the penultimate performance of the New York Philharmonic’s Star Wars Series (The Force Awakens) on October 6. This captivating production was an indelible experience that enriched the senses of many first-time symphony goers.

The New York Philharmonic seamlessly synced their live performance of the Stars Wars musical score with a projection of the film directly above them. There was a nostalgic excitement preceding the show as many of the students had grown up humming along to John Williams’ unmistakable musical score. The majority of the group had previously seen the movie and were amazed at how powerful the live production was. It forced many to reinterpret the Star Wars saga as much more than just an epic action series but an amalgamation of the fine arts as well. The intensity with which David Newman conducted the orchestra instantly demanded attention and set the tone for the passion of the production.

This event was a chance to experience the artistic side of New York City amid the program’s economic and financially-focused curriculum. All the program’s participants appreciated the night greatly and walked away reveling the experience.

Hamilton in New York City combines an internship with academic experience and is unique in its attempt to encompass a wide range of perspectives on globalization. This semester’s program, Global Financial Networks, is directed by Professor of Economics Erol Balkan. 

Hamilton student participants and their internships are: Sekyi Darko '18, Morgan Stanley/Vector Group; Derian De La Torre '18, PriCap; Linh Do ’18, Clover Health; Kory Fogarty ’19, Morgan Stanley/Millman Group; Paul Giuliano ’19, ABN AMRO; Fiker Haile ’19, Pioneer Financial; Christian Hansson ’19, Credit Suisse; Yongzheng “Neo” Liang ’19, Cypress; Benjamin Morgan ’19, Citi; Chase Moulton ’19, Millstein & Co.; Delaney Nicol ’19, Brooklyn Nets; Hersheena Rajaram ’19, Social Science Research Council (SSRC); Olivia Rees ’19, Durst; Libbie Warner ’19, Enstar; Jack Warren ’19, Citi.





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