From front to back Derian De La Torre, Libbie Warner,Paul Giuliano, (a Bowery employee), Christian Hansson, and Hersheena Rajaram.

Students participating in the New York City Program volunteered at the Bowery Mission on Dec. 2, and got the opportunity to assist in serving food to hundreds of needy New Yorkers. The Bowery staff was very welcoming and appreciative of the group’s assistance.

The Bowery Mission has a long history of providing support and charitable efforts to New York City. It was founded in 1879 as a one room shelter that offered prayer services. After many years in operation and lots of expansion, this finely tuned establishment now houses people year round and also provides food, medical services, and unemployment assistance to the poor and homeless of New York. It receives no federal funding, but rather operates solely on generous private donations.

The whole group thoroughly enjoyed the experience at the Bowery Mission. One student noted a feeling of being more in touch with the New York community after the group’s efforts.

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