Professor Russell Marcus and seven philosophy seniors attended the 2019 Conference on Issues in Modern Philosophy at NYU.

Seven senior philosophy majors recently attended the 2019 NYU Conference on Issues in Modern Philosophy: Normativity. Rachael Lurker, Lukas Puris, Johnny Seabright, Jacob Bortner-Hart, Sam Greene, Haotian Yang, and Kendall Meyer were accompanied by Associate Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus.

Marcus said the conference attracts some of the most important and serious philosophers in the world for the highest-level discussions. He noted that it is not an undergraduate event and that the Hamilton students may have been the only undergrads in the audience of more than 200.

The group attended six talks over the two days, each with a set of formal comments. According to Marcus, the students agreed that “Shaftesbury’s Claim That Beauty and Good Are One and the Same,” by Michael Gill of the University of Arizona, and “Rule-Following without Rules: Wittgenstein on Normativity in Social Practice,” by Hannah Ginsborg of the University of California, Berkeley, were their favorite talks.

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