Members of the Powder Club in Killington, Vt.

Hamilton’s Powder Club took 38 students to Killington, Vt., in January for a three-night ski trip. Killington is home to some of the East Coast's finest skiing and snowboarding terrain.

The Hamilton College Powder Club, in its third year of existence, has attracted hundreds of members by offering subsidized recreational ski and snowboarding trips - usually one large trip over winter break as well as weekly trips to local mountains every spring semester - to students of all skill levels.   

Thanks in large part to generous funding from  Hamilton’s Student Assembly, Powder Club was able to offer rentals, lodging, and ski tickets as one inexpensive package for the trip, making it less intimidating for beginners to get involved and improving accessibility to what is traditionally viewed as an expensive winter activity. Several beginners took part in the trip this year. Several others who had not skied or boarded in many years used the Killington trip to get back into it. 





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