Viva Horowitz

Assistant Professor of Physics Viva Horowitz and Kai Kai Haesslein "24, University of Oregon research, summer2023Haesslein ’24 spent July at the University of Oregon’s Alemán Lab where they conducted research on quantum emitters in both hexagonal boron nitride and nanocrystal diamonds.

The research, which explores the effects of strain and magnetic fields on luminescent quantum emitters, uses confocal and atomic force microscopes to study the effects of strain on individual quantum emitters, and optically detects magnetic resonance to look at the effect of magnetic fields on their energy levels.

Horowitz said this research could lead to significant advancements in the field of quantum emitters and that it has potential applications in areas such as quantum information processing and magnetic sensing. Horowitz and Haesslein are conducting related research on campus.

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