Taylor Kim '19 at Lausanne, Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

It took just one public policy class to get Taylor Kim ’19 to reconsider her academic direction. Since then, she’s interned for a U.S. senator in Washington, D.C., and now she’s studying public health and development policy in Switzerland. “The whole point of my education is to give me the tools to help others,” says Kim, a public policy major who was awarded a Gilman Scholarship to study abroad.

Early on in her Hamilton career, Kim thought she’d go to med school as a way to help others but then began to think about how government, too, provides problem-solving opportunities. “After taking Intro to Pub Pol with Professor Frank Anechiarico, I fell in love with political theory and politics, setting me on this path I'm on now,” she says.

The path could lead to a variety of destinations. “I would like to get a law degree and work in public service. I'm not sure exactly this will look but I am really interested in working on the Senate Judiciary Committee. If I don't end up getting a law degree, I might go to graduate school for clinical psychology and become a therapist,” Kim says.

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