Twenty Students Awarded Emerson Summer Research Grants

Twenty Hamilton students have been named recipients of the 2012 Emerson Summer Grants. The students receive a stipend and spend the summer working collaboratively with a Hamilton faculty member, researching an area of interest.

This year’s recipients, their faculty mentors and projects are:

Danielle Brockmann ’13 and Associate Professor of Theatre Mark Cryer
A Leurs Yeux

Martin Cain '13 and Professor of English Onno Oerlemans
The Real is Surreal: Reinterpreting the Poetic Pastoral

Adriana Fracchia '14 and John McEnroe, the John and Anne Fischer Professor in Fine Arts
Excavation Research in Crete

Sean Fujimori '14 and Rick Werner, the John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy
Yogis and Bodhisattvas: Traditions of Mysticism in Society

Matthew Ha '14 and Alan Cafruny, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs
Responding to the New North Korean Regime: A Reinvention of South Korean Foreign Policy

Kathleen Herlihy '14 and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Erich Fox Tree
Helping Hands: The Application of Sign Language in Classical Art

Madison Kircher '14 and Associate Professor of Anthropology Chaise LaDousa
Reading Between the Lines: Exploring Divisions of Cultural Literacy

Danielle Lashley '13  and Associate Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
Domestic Spaces in Uncommon Places: The Role of Body and Space in Contemporary Art

Grace Lee '13 and Associate Professor of German and Russian Languages and Literatures Frank Sciacca
Ivan the Fool Enters the Kremlin: The Interplay of Russian Folklore and Modern Political Process

Xinyang Li '14 and Professor of History Tom Wilson
Does Confucianism Suggest A Methodology on How We Should Behave?

Gabriel Mollica '14 and Associate Professor of Music Rob Hopkins
Musical Consequence in Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods

Genevieve Nierman '13 and Professor of English Steve Yao
The Lemon Soap: Joyce's Ulysses and the Marketing of Dublin Culture

Anna Paikert '13 and Associate Professor of English Tina Hall
Creative Writing: A Therapy for the Developmentally Disabled

Alex Pure '13 and Visiting Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature Janelle Schwartz
Pentimento: A Study of Literary Form in Funetes' Aura

Benjamin Salzman '13 and Sam Pellman, the Lenord C. Ferguson Professor of Music
Selected Galaxies: Visual Music

Max Schnidman '14 and Professor of Economics Erol Balkan
From Sanctuary to Second Life: Analyzing Virtual Markets

William Sinton '13 and Richard Seager, the Bates and Benjamin Professor of Classical and Religious Studies
Sands of the Spirit: The Influence and Legacy of the Desert Mothers and Fathers of Early Christian Monasticism

David  Snyder '13 and Visiting Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Crystal Endsley
Rhyme or Reason: The Development of Rhythm and Rhyme in Poetry of the 20th Century and Beyond

Rebecca Weingarten '13 and Christopher Vasantkumar, the Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies and Anthropology
Transnational Borders: Transnational Minds

Jin Zhou '15 and Professor Christopher Vasantkumar, the Luce Junior Professor of Asian Studies and Anthropology
Is "Gaokao" a fair game? – Understanding the Education Gap in China

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