Responsible for keeping the staff informed of the actions of the Staff Assembly Council through the publication of a quarterly newsletter and maintaining the Staff Assembly Council website.

  • Anna Wise, Admission - Chair
  • Madeline Carrera, ALEX
  • Rachael Clark, Levitt Center
  • Meg Keniston, Communications
  • Jackie Medina, ALEX & Art History
  • Dave Vore, Business Office

Community Committee

Responsible for bringing people in the Hamilton community together.

  • Kevin Alexander, ALEX - Chair
  • Mai Miller, Facilities - Chair

Nominations and Elections

Responsible for all elections and appointments.

  • Shauna Hirshfield, Career Center - Chair

Wellness Advisory Committee

Responsible for promoting a culture of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being for Hamilton College employees by providing activities and programs that encourage healthy lifestyles.

  • Tim Kane, LITS - Chair
  • Gretchen Maxam, LITS - Chair
  • Catherine Berryman, Title IX
  • Lucy Burke, Auxiliary Services
  • Mary Collis, Environmental Protection & Safety
  • Katelyn Cowen, DOS Health & Safety
  • Maria Genao-Homs, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Joan Kane, Economics & Government
  • Stephanie (Steph) Kowell, Physical Education
  • Jackie Medina, FSS
  • Leslie Moseley Rioux, Advancement
  • Vanessa Nelson, Facilities Management
  • Becky Seifert, LITS

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