In 2007, a coalition of students came together to form the Social Justice Initiative, a group dedicated to creating positive change in the experiences of marginalized groups on the Hill and to promote interaction and awareness among all members of the Hamilton College community. Founded by Black, Latinx, Asian, and International students alongside members of the groups known then as the Rainbow Alliance and Womxn’s Center, SJI was formed in response to various acts of racism on campus over the years. We celebrate this dedicated group of students and honor the work they accomplished.

Calendar of Events

  • SJI Month: Alumni Panel

  • SJI Month: Meg Bolger hosts workshop: But You’re Wrong

  • SJI Month: SJI Committee with Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) Jodel Roundtable

  • SJI Month: Restorative Justice 101 Workshop in partnership with Community Standards
  • SJI Month: Student Activism Panel

  • SJI Month: Restorative Justice Circle: Accountability in partnership with Community Standards


Office / Department Name

Days-Massolo Center

Contact Name

Koboul E. Mansour, Ph.D

Director of the Days-Massolo Center

Office Location
Days-Massolo Center

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