Faculty members at Hamilton are teacher-scholars engaged in research that complements the College’s liberal arts program. An important part of their scholarship is student-faculty collaborative research. As undergraduates, students have the opportunity to work side by side with faculty across all academic disciplines. These initiatives bring students closer to sustainability issues wherever they intersect with the interdisciplinary interests of the College faculty. Aside from the vital intellectual engagement and public distinction that research brings to Hamilton, students develop expertise in a discipline through research collaborations as they learn to problem solve and to write and speak about their projects.

Sustainability Program

This broad-based, multifaceted initiative promotes academic research on sustainable practices and the policies to achieve them, as well as hands-on learning experiences for Hamilton students. More than 28 faculty members participate in this Levitt Center program. Student grants related to sustainability research have covered a range of topics, including natural disasters and economic structures in China, community-supported agriculture and the economics of fossil fuels and alternative energies.

Environmental Molecular Science Initiative

With support from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, the EMSI facility has given Hamilton the capacity to use rigorous analytical methods to investigate environmental materials at the molecular level. Subjects of research include brownfields and iron-reducing bacteria.


Contact Name

Brian Hansen

Director of Environmental Protection, Safety and Sustainability

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