Project Director

Doran Larson, Ph.D.

Walcott-Bartlett Professor of Literature & Creative Writing, Hamilton College


Doran Larson has led The Attica Writer’s Workshop, inside Attica Correctional Facility, since 2006. (AWW writers’ work has appeared in Descant, The Minnesota Review, and The Kenyon Review.) He is the founder of the Attica-Genesee Teaching Project, which began delivering college-credit courses inside Attica in January 2011. Larson’s essays on prison writing, prison teaching, and related issues have appeared in Salmagundi, College Literature, English Language Notes, Radical Teacher, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. He is the editor of a forthcoming special issue of Studies in Law, Politics, and Society (UK), titled “The Beautiful Prison”; and a collection of non-fiction essays by incarcerated Americans, Fourth City: The Prison in America (Michigan State UP, 2014).

Student Assistants

Clara Cho ’20

Summit, New Jersey

Clara Cho plans to be a history major, and loves playing ultimate frisbee with the Hamilton Hot Saucers team. She joined DHi as a freshman, and is currently working with the American Prison Writing Archive. In her downtime, Clara enjoys reading, baking, and running.

Will Rasenberger ’19

New York City

Will Rasenberger is a philosophy major and government minor whose interests include identity formation, political theory, and the theory behind just public policy. In addition to his work with the DHi, he is treasurer of the Hamilton College Law Society, and a tutor with Hamilton Reads. His long time interest in social justice and especially hearing the voice of historically silenced groups has led him to collaborate with Professor Larson on his American Prison Writing Archive project. Will is responsible, along with student interns, for selecting essays to be archived, collecting metadata about these essays, and transcribing them. Will hopes to gain valuable knowledge of data accumulation and how to leverage data — and digital humanities in general — to pursue worthy social justice objectives.

Annalise Curtis ’18

Shirley Luo ’17

Orange, Conn.

Shirley Luo majored in public policy and minored in environmental studies and jurisprudence, law and justice studies. She joined the DHi team to read and process essay submissions for the American Prison Writing Archive.

Allie Goodman ’15

New York City

Allie Goodman majored in American Studies with a minor in sociology and cinema and new media studies.

Mary Lehner ’12

Mary Lehner ’12 majored in environmental studies, with minors in physics and math. Her interests are broad ranging and encompass digital and performance art in addition to science. In Hamilton’s Digital Humanities Initiative, Mary’s research interests and programming skills combine to assist on the DuraCloud pilot project and digital media research approaches. She consulted with ITS and the library in development and testing of cloud storage solutions for DHi faculty research collections and researching applications of mobile devices in field work.


Doran Larson

Project Director

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