Thorough instructions for completing the application are in the 2023 AMCAS Applicant Guide. Below are answers to questions that are frequently asked by Hamilton applicants.

Do I need to use an official transcript or can I just use WebAdvisor to complete the Course Work section?
As stated in the AMCAS Instructions, it is strongly recommended that you request official transcripts for use in completing the Course Work section since information in WebAdvisor does not necessarily correspond with what will appear on your official transcript.

Do I have to report an institutional action if it was minor or if the points are no longer on my record?
If you were the recipient of any institutional action while at Hamilton, you must disclose it/them fully and provide all relevant details. Institutional actions include Honor Code infractions as well as any points received by the Dean of Students office for conduct violations. In the eyes of medical schools, it is more important to disclose than to conceal any infraction, no matter how insignificant or minor it may seem. If, upon investigation by the school, you are found to have concealed a violation of college policy, your integrity will be in question and it may cost you admission to medical school.

If, through one incident or a series of incidents, a student accumulates four points, the student’s parent(s) or guardian, faculty advisor and coach will be notified of the infraction(s). Having four points or more is considered a “reportable action” and therefore the incident(s) will be addressed in the applicant’s Committee Letter, according to the policy of the Health Professions Advisory Committee.

How should I describe my work and activities?
For each experience, emphasize your motivation, what you learned, and how it prepared you for a career in medicine.

Is it necessary/beneficial to include 15 experiences?
Although you may enter up to 15 experiences, medical schools are more interested in quality over quantity. Therefore, you should only include significant or meaningful experiences. If you have more than 15 significant experiences, you may consider grouping related experiences together. For instance, if you worked as a tutor in many different subject areas and/or for different age groups, you may wish to list “Tutor” as an experience and use the description area to elaborate on your numerous tutoring experiences.

What type of letter do I designate?
Select “Committee Letter,” designate “Courtney Hance, Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee” as primary author, and enter the email address hpa@hamilton.edu. A “Committee Letter” is a packet of letters consisting of (1) a letter of evaluation written by Courtney that reflects the Health Professions Advisory Committee’s evaluation of your candidacy and (2) the individual letters written by the recommenders you asked to write for you. Therefore, you should not list the names of each of your letter writers. You will have 9 additional letter entries if you wish to target other letters to specific schools.

Can I submit my AMCAS application if I haven’t taken the MCAT?
You may submit your AMCAS application prior to taking the MCAT but it is not recommended. It is best to apply with the strongest possible credentials and you should not risk doing poorly on the MCAT. Since it is best to apply early (June-early July), it is strongly recommended that you take the MCAT by March of the application year in order to get your scores before applying.


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