The date on which you take the MCAT will depend on:

  1. When you want to apply to medical school.
    Ideally, you should have your MCAT score ready when you submit your application which is typically in June or July of the year prior to matriculation. It takes about 30 days to process MCAT scores so the test should ideally be taken by June of the application year. While it is possible to take the MCAT in June or July of your application year, the later you take the MCAT, the later your application will be reviewed. Since admission to most medical schools is done on a rolling basis, you would be putting yourself at a disadvantage. Also, the later you take the test, the few options you have in the event that a retake is necessary.
  2. When you will have finished medical school course requirements.
    It is best to take the MCAT after completing the course requirements because it is in these classes that you will learn the material tested on the MCAT.
  3. When you will be able to adequately prepare.
    Studying for the MCAT is a very time-consuming process that will require continuous effort and dedication for 3-6 months. Make sure that you have adequate time to study in the months preceding your desired test date – and that you are in the right frame of mind to do so. Bottom line: don’t take the test if you are not ready.
  4. When the test is offered
    The MCAT is administered on a few dates in January as well as April through September. See Testing Calendar.


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