“There’s something to be said for that time in life where your friends were as close as a four-digit phone call.”

“Obviously, the draw is seeing your classmates, but I think we’re also getting to a point in our careers to where it’s a great way to reconnect with people in other class years.”

“I know I’m not alone in having extremely fond memories of Dick Bedient, Larry Knop, Bob Redfield, and Tim Kelly.”

“Having the whole weekend is great. There’s more opportunity for really, really connecting with people, connecting with the College, and engaging.”

“The college has been on a tremendous trajectory in terms of the quality of the academics, the student centric-ness of it. It’s just mind-blowingly beautiful.”

“I love to hear what they’re doing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear how they’ve moved along with their career, how they’ve taken what they’ve learned to their own communities.”


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