Kirkland Endowment

The Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee was established at the time of the merger of Hamilton and Kirkland colleges. It disburses funds from the unrestricted portion of the Endowment of Kirkland, in “the needs and interests of women at Hamilton College.”

Dear Kirkland College Alumnae friends and colleagues,

It has been my greatest pleasure to have chaired and co-chaired the KEAC for several years now. Our goal has been to act as liaison facilitating and fulfilling your generous and innovative vision and crucial support by carefully dispersing funds supporting work that advances our understanding of issues that significantly impact a broad and inclusive range of women at Hamilton College and in the world. A detailed reflection of our work on behalf of the KEAC for the year can be viewed here.

We thank you sincerely and wish you well.
For the KEAC and Associate Professor Michelle LeMasurier,
Vivyan C. Adair, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies
Chair, Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee

Contact Information

Vivyan Adair

Chair, Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee
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