Kirkland Summer Associates

The Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee sponsors up to four students in its program of Summer Associates. The program is designed to support students who want to do research or creative work that fits under the mandate of the Endowment, “to support the needs and interests of women at Hamilton.” The program is open to all students, but preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors.

  • Working closely with a faculty supervisor, students work full-time on a research or creative project of their own design for 10 weeks, and receive a $4,000 stipend. The project is understood to be the primary focus of the student’s summer work, the equivalent of a full-time job, typically for ten weeks. All substantive research or creative activity for the project must be completed by August 15. 
  • The Kirkland College Summer Associates will produce an essay or creative piece and report on their work to the community in the following academic year, typically in the fall, unless they are abroad.
  • We advise students to contact potential faculty supervisors early in the spring semester.
  • Faculty members receive a $1,500 stipend for a single project; more projects will receive reduced stipends.

Use of College Facilities or Human Participants

If your proposal involves the use of campus studios, labs, or similar facilities, your proposal  should include a list of equipment or facilities needed as well as a statement of support from the faculty member or administrator responsible for that equipment or those facilities. Also, please note that if your proposal is approved and the project involves interviews or other activities with human subjects, you will be required to receive clearance from the Institutional Review Board before you begin your project.

Application Process

By the date indicated on the announcement of the application, students and faculty supervisors must upload to the KEAC Interfolio account the following documents:

  1. A one- to two-page proposal that outlines clearly the subject and that clearly describes the intended objectives of the project, including the process by which these objectives will be reached. This description should be addressed to a non-specialist reader. A bibliography should be included if appropriate to the project.
  2. A statement clearly specifying the expected role of your supervisor in this project.
  3. A statement clearly outlining your obligations in this study followed by a detailed schedule of weekly objectives and meetings with your advisor to which your advisor has agreed.
  1. An independent letter from the faculty supervisor expressing an understanding of the project’s goals and attesting to the student’s ability to complete the project. The faculty member must also demonstrate a willingness to meet with and respond to the student’s work regularly, normally once a week. Letters must be received on the Interfolio site in order for the application to proceed.

Apply Now

 Application Deadline: March 21, 2023


Contact Name

Michelle LeMasurier and Claire Mouflard

Co-Chairs, Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee 23-24

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