The Kirkland Endowment Essay Prize in Interdisciplinary Studies recognizes an outstanding genuinely interdisciplinary essay. 

Essays should be no more than 10 pages; they may be essays prepared for a class assignment, but students should submit clean, ungraded copies. The paper should be anonymous, with a cover sheet with the student’s name and email address.


Lillian Norton-Brainerd ’23
“Reimagining Space and Land Through Embodied Mapping and Art”

Mckela Kanu ’22
“Black Women, Privacy, and Labor”

Diamond Jackson ’21
“Black on the Track: Examining the Lived Experiences of Low-Income Black Women Athletes at Elite Institutions”

Gabriel DeJoseph ’19
“Loyalty and Morality: Religious Minorities in U.S. Politics”

Jade Alvillar ’18

Joany Lamur ’17
“Epigenetics & Black-White Disparities in Low Birth Weight”

Crystal Kim ’15
“The Fall and Rise and Fall Again of the Haleminis: the Comfort Women Redress Movement”

Lauren Howe ’14
“Past, Present and Future: The Effects of the Death of the Swift River Valley and the Birth of the Quabbin Reservoir on Local Residents”


Naomi Guttman

Chair, Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee

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