• Over fall break, Hamilton College hosted an intensive two-day seminar called “Wall Street Prep: Accounting & Financial Modeling Liberal Arts Boot Camp.” This program is made free to students by the generosity of Hamilton alumnus Howard Morgan '84 in honor of the Alexander Hamilton Institute.

  • When Nick Richards ’12 entered Hamilton, he was sure he was going to medical school. “I was gung-ho pre-med,” the biology major remembers. Four years later, however, Richards has begun working at Huron Consulting Group in New York City with an eye toward a career in investment banking. Richards’ transformation came about thanks to a variety of extracurricular activities, and he now encourages incoming first-year students to “think about everything.”

  • When it comes to networking, Josh is a reliable authority. In the four years since his graduation from Dartmouth College, Josh has forged an impressive career path from a consultant with Deloitte, to CEO and Founder of his own companies, to his current position as a consultant at iRise.

  • "Everyone is always telling us to network – that most jobs are found via word of mouth and through personal connections.  Back when our parents were our age, networking meant something very different than it does now.  It was face-to-face, handshakes, business cards swapped and put into rolodexes.  Maybe someone knew someone and could introduce you.  Sometimes there were drinks involved.  It was a socially-based thing.  As society has moved to being more automated and online, networking has changed and morphed, and we have to learn to work our networking skills both online and in person."

  • An "elevator speech" is a 30-second overview of your interests, skills, and goals. The term comes from the average time it takes to complete an elevator ride.  The "elevator speech" is a prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words; namely, who you are, your most salient interests and skills, and where you hope to go in the future.  Having a memorized elevator speech will allow you to clearly articulate your goals, and take advantage of spontaneous networking opportunities.

  • Lindsey Pollak, a bestselling author, consultant and internationally recognized expert on next generation career trends, offers great insight and tips on networking!

  • Networking is the process of developing personal contacts for the purpose of career exploration or job/internship assistance. Networking can be done spontaneously or in a structured setting.  

  • Hamilton Trustees are back on campus this week, March 3-5. One of their priorities when they return to "The Hill" is to spend time with students, including opportunities to talk with students about their career plans. Because of their extensive professional experience and networks, they may be in a position to advise you with your own career plans. Several formal opportunities have been scheduled to facilitate this interaction. Please plan on attending and taking advantage of their expertise.

  • LinkedIn is the leading social network of professionals and companies. LinkedIn has over 85 million members in more than 200 countries, including executives from every Fortune 500 company.

  • I’m really into making to-do lists and having clear plans. So when I finally admitted to myself last semester that I didn’t have any idea how to plan for my future career, I got a little nervous. I called the Career Center to make an appointment, hoping that I would be able to discuss my broad range of future career ideas with a counselor.

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