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Mia Horvath '25, John Murphy '85 Munson Williams Arts Inst.

Horvath ’25 Exploring a Newfound Career Interest in the Arts at MWPAI

Mia Horvath ’25 has always been interested in the arts, but it wasn’t until she arrived at Hamilton that she began considering an art-related career.

Alan Zhao '23

Zhao ’23 Testing Theory About Rent Control Programs in Levitt Project

Many economists agree: like any form of price control, rent control programs are a bad idea. But Alan Zhao ’23 is not like most economists.

max majireck chem research

Majireck Group Explores Medical Potential of Synthetic Molecules

Chemistry professor Max Majireck works to synthetically construct molecules and lets new chemical developments guide him to discoveries with medical potential. This summer, seven students worked with him on research that has important medical implications.


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