“David Walden is an exceptional counselor and human being. He made me feel so supported, listened to, and encouraged to tell my story. Without him, I’m not sure where I would be right now. I feel so grateful for his listening ears, big heart and open arms.”

“David is warm, empathetic, and validating. He was also very helpful to me in that he was unafraid to challenge me and get at the heart of why I felt the way I felt.”


“I purposely scheduled appointments with Rebecca in the mornings so that her positive energy would set the tone for my day. I’d walk out of her office feeling like an emotional weight had temporarily been lifted off my shoulders. I encourage anyone struggling with mental illness, or just in need of someone to talk to, to seek out therapy in the wellness center.”

“Rebecca challenges me to find my own solutions, which has allowed me to become a more confident and grounded person outside of our sessions. When I’m really stressed, I think to myself “what would Rebecca say?” And that immediately puts me on a track to be more thoughtful, present, and empathetic.”


“Mariah is one of the most respectful and understanding therapists I’ve ever had. She listens, and works with you to come up with solutions to your problems that feel comfortable to you.”

"I went into my therapy having extreme anxiety. It affected my schoolwork, relationships and general life. Throughout my time with Mariah Pfieffer, I learned new skills and ways of thinking about my anxiety. It didn’t go away, but I’ve learned how to better manage it and live with it. I’m very grateful for her help."


“Katelynn is absolutely incredible and I do not hesitate to say that she is changing my life. She always knows just how to level with me, when to laugh and when to show emotion herself. She has such a comforting presence and I have never once felt afraid to tell her anything, even though this is my first experience with therapy.”

“I appreciated that Kate expressed genuine care and concern whenever I talked to her about anything. I also appreciated that Kate always suggested concrete steps I could take to address the issues we talked about.”


“Chris was an incredible therapist for me the past three years. I cannot thank him enough for listening to me, helping to guide me and being such a supportive force. He always remembered things that would surprise me that I spoke about months or even years ago — making me feel completely heard.”

“Chris really was awesome to work with. He had a great balance of being honest and sensitive, and he asked questions that challenged me to think beyond my surface level assessment of myself. He made a huge impact on my semester and helped me get myself back on track when I was really struggling.”


“Peggy is super patient with me and understanding of my past traumas and how they effect my current relationships. I love how she helps me explore anything; I’ve had some major breakthroughs that have been incredibly helpful as a new college student.”

“Peggy is truly just an amazing counselor, listener, and person. I am truly so lucky to have had her support and help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She truly cared about me and gave me confidence in myself that I had never had before. 100% recommend working with her.”


“Ginger is a great listener, makes you feel safe and respected, and is super helpful in navigating the many hardships of life.”

"I was really on the fence about starting therapy. When I met Ginger, though, I felt so much more comfortable in the process. She gave me space and time to talk about my problems when I was ready, gave amazing advice and support, and keeps me accountable for the changes I want to make in my life. She helps me set reasonable goals and expectations in my relationships, in my time as a varsity athlete, and as a student. She also has given me tools to manage stress, negative self talk, and anxiety. On the whole, she is simply an amazing person to spend time with. She is funny, kind, and sincere.”


“Elodie is amazing! She’s sensitive to hearing me out and understanding what it is I’m trying to say. She comforts without sugar coating, which is so reassuring. She takes things step-by-step with me, and respects the things I do and don't feel capable of at the moment. At the same time, she gives me the little extra nudge I need to improve and get better.”


“Sabrina really helped me to feel heard and affirmed in my intersectional identities. They provided a space where I felt free to confront what role my identities played in how I navigated and interpreted my interactions with people.”


“Always the highlight of my week! Lela is great and is so passionate about what she does. Love her!”

“Lela was also a great dietitian, she was very kind and gave me so many resources.”

“Lela’s quarantine pantry was a highlight of this pandemic year. She brought in really interesting recipes and her energy was wonderful.”

Peer Counselors

“My peer counselor was very understanding, took me seriously, and allowed me to express a lot of things that needed saying without any fear of judgement. I was glowing when I walked out of there. Thank you; thank you Hamilton College for this resource.”

“It was easily accessible. I got an appointment that same day, at a time when I really needed it.”

“The best thing about the service is the easiness of making an appointment and allowing myself to tell everything to a trained peer, knowing it will be kept confidential. My peer counselor also pushed me to know myself and what has worked for me.”

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