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Below you will find links to local and national resources for a variety of concerns, as well as a curated list of apps for iOS and Android devices that can help you with everything from anxiety to sleep.

CalmHamilton has partnered with Calm, the world’s number one app for mental fitness and resilience, to help students and employees relax, focus, and get better sleep. It is available free to members of the Hamilton community by visiting the Hamilton Calm page on a web browser (not in the app itself). All you need is your Hamilton email address to activate.

Please be aware that while all the apps listed below are free and offer free programming, many of them also have in-app purchasing options. In addition to these resources, we have worked with the Library to provide a curated list of books that you may find helpful. Some are available electronically and all are available through the library.



Neighborhood Center Mobile Crisis Services can assist in a variety of situations if you are on or off campus.

Sexual Assault/Abuse

Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization and its website provides information to help survivors, to educate the public, and on how to get involved to improve public policy. It has 24/7 online chat options, as well as a 24/7 hotline, for individuals who need someone to talk to regarding recovery or someone else’s recovery from sexual violence.

Hamilton's Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Resources page gives you direct information about what to do if you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence while at Hamilton. It presents your options for confidential help, how to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator, Catherine Berryman, and how to pursue a criminal complaint.


The Q Center (in Syracuse and Utica), a part of ACR Health, is a safe space for LGBTQ youth and allies to gather and provides various services, including support groups. These websites provide resource information and ways to get involved in your community.

Planned Parenthood in Utica provides LGBT services promoting sexual wellness and health. The website has contact information and resource information about the programs available.

National Center for Transgender Equality: This website holds valuable resource information about how to change your name and pronouns legally in the state of New York.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH): This website provides a wealth of information regarding the standards of care around caring for a transgender individual’s health, resources for the trans community, and trans friendly provider information.

Sexual Wellness and Health

Planned Parenthood, Utica Center: Planned Parenthood provides a large number of services, which includes STI & HIV testing, and accepts a wide range of insurance plans and individuals can be seen who do not have insurance. Most birth control and annual well-woman exams will be covered free with no copay at this center.

For International Students

Hamilton College’s International Student Services: This website provides the various support services that international students are eligible for when at Hamilton College.

For Students with Disabilities

Hamilton College’s Accessibility Services: This website provides information for students that qualify for support services, including listing of services available, contact information, and definitions of temporary medical conditions that may require access to support.

Pastoral Counseling

Hamilton College Chaplaincy: This website provides information about the Counseling and Bereavement services provided by Hamilton College’s Chaplains and contact information to set up an appointment.

Emergency Fund

Hamilton College Student Emergency Aid Society (SEAS): This website provides information about SEAS, which was established to support students in financial need during an emergency or when there is exceptional need.

Disordered Eating

For a local resource, Ophelia's Place is a WONDERFUL resource in Syracuse that offers group support, guidance on finding a therapist, and other resources.

This site offers information and resources about disordered eating and eating disorders.

Addiction Resources

This site offers addiction, treatment and rehab guides, as well as, a free and confidential drug hotline.

Wellness Apps

Anxiety Management

Self-help Anxiety ManagementSelf-help Anxiety Management by University of the West of England: iOS
App includes information related to anxiety and how to better manage anxious experiences. It provides guided relaxation exercises, activities that teach coping techniques and strategies, and an anxiety tracker.

MindShiftMindShift by Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia: iOS or Android
MindShift includes practices to help you relax, activities that encourage you to develop more beneficial ways of thinking, coping strategies around anxiety experiences, and anxiety checklists around certain situations (e.g., test anxiety, social fears, and letting go of perfectionism).

RootRoot'd: iOS or Android
If you're having a panic attack, this app can provide gentle reassurance or help in facing the attack head-on. Help yourself regain a sense of control during panic attacks!

Calm HarmCalm Harm: iOS or Android
This app has short, self-guided tasks to help you navigate urges to self-harm or navigate any intense moment. It has tasks that can help you distract, comfort, express yourself, or release emotions.

Stress Management/Relaxation

CalmCalm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax by Calm.com, Inc.: iOS or Android
App includes programs to teach you how to meditate through guided imagery and relaxation exercises that aim to benefit sleep. Free Hamilton subscription

Smiling MindSmiling Mind by Smiling Mind: iOS or Android
Mindfulness meditation made easy with this app, which provides imaginative wellness practices for different age groups. It also includes a feeling tracker.

FitnessBuilderFitnessBuilder by PumpOne: iOS or Android
Physical activity has been shown to have positive effects on psychological wellbeing and this app provides helpful exercise tips, workout videos and charts, and an exercise tracker.

MeditateStop Breathe & Think: Meditate by Tools for Peace: iOS or Android or Web-Based
This app provides meditations and relaxation recommendations based off your current mood. The app’s primary focus is building skills around mindfulness, meditative practices, and building compassion.

HeadspaceHeadspace – Meditation by HeadspaceiOS or Android
This app provides a training program that aims to reduce anxiety and build self-compassion utilizing mindfulness and meditative practices in “bite size” pieces to accommodate a busy life.

ColorfyColorfy: iOS or Android
This app offers digital coloring pages to help you relax! You can choose images that range from pop-art to mandalas and spend hours coloring and relaxing.

Mood Management

MoodToolsMoodTools – Depression Aid by MoodToolsAndroid
This app was designed for individuals with depressive symptoms, but can be used by everyone. It includes information about depression, activities to help combat depressive symptoms, a thought diary, and a symptoms tracker.

Excel at LifeDepression CBT Self-Help Guide by Excel at LifeAndroid
App includes audio information about depressive symptoms, a depressive symptoms tracker, a cognitive diary, and relaxation and calming exercises.

T2 Mood TrackerT2 Mood Tracker by T2: iOS or Android
This app allows you to track your mood throughout the day and come to better understand how certain events or experiences may be impacting your mood. It comes pre-loaded with 6 tracking topics, but can be customized to meet your needs.

Virtual Hope BoxVirtual Hope Box by National Center for Telehealth and TechnologyiOS
The Virtual Hope Box provides simple tools to help individuals with coping, relaxation, distraction, and positive thinking. It can be customized with personal pictures, favorite quotes, music, videos of friends, and so on.

Sleep Aids

Sleep SoundsRain, Rain Sleep Sounds by Tim GostonyiOS or Android
Dozens of sleep sounds are available and you can tailor them to make your own sleep soundtrack. Helpful to use when living with noisy roommates or if you have trouble relaxing before falling asleep.

Sleep CycleSleep Cycle Alarm: Free for IOS only or Pay for Android
This intelligent alarm tracks your sleep and wakes you during your lightest sleep cycle, which aids you in feeling refreshed upon waking.

Maintaining Safety and Sexual Assault Recovery

Circleof6Circleof6 by Tech 4 GoodiOS or Android
This app allows you to program 6 of your trusted friends/families into the app, so that if you are ever in a risky situation you can discreetly tap your phone twice and an alert will be sent to them of your location. Also, provides access to safety hotlines.

RAINNDoD Safe Helpline by Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)iOS or Android
Originally designed for individuals in the military, this app provides tools and support to help individuals manage the short and long-term effects of sexual assault.

For Marginalized Communities

ShineShine: iOS or Android
This app features guided meditations and bedtime stories connected to how marginalized groups experience the world. The app also contains access to a supportive community of peers.

PridePride: iOS or Android
This app offers access to LGBTQ+ audio programs, self-help articles, and guided journaling. Note: This app requires a fee to access some content.

Contact Information

Counseling Center

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Help at Any Time

In Crisis?

Call 315-859-4340 and press option 2 to speak with a counselor 24/7/365

If you want off-campus help, call 1-800-273-TALK or text “START” to 741-741

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