Are you looking for ways to make your virtual conversations with medical or mental health providers more private? Do you struggle with finding a quiet space?

Like many providers across the country, we are providing virtual services. One of the challenges on a residential campus, though, is finding space to have private conversations. Here are some helpful tips to enhance your experience of using zoom or another telehealth platform:
  1. Find your comfort zone.  Is your room the most comfortable spot to relax and talk openly? Would you rather sit at your desk or snuggle up on your bed? Perhaps the library or a study room would work best for you. Aim to make your therapy time as comfortable as possible.
  2. Communicate openly.  If your room is the place you feel most comfortable, talk with your roommate/suitemates about the need for a “private hour.” Give them an hour back! This is good practice for self-care, regardless of your therapy needs, as everyone needs their own space and downtime. 
  3. Use technology to your advantage.  Wear headphones/earbuds for extra privacy.  For less distractions, turn off texts and notifications — it’s distracting to you and your therapist and creates a calmer virtual environment.    
  4. Give yourself some time. Make space to reflect and regroup after your session. The beauty of virtual therapy is there's no waiting room to walk through and no immediate demands to “enter the world” after your session. Try not to schedule anything right after your session to help ease back into the day.
  5. Schedule a private room. Did you know students can reserve rooms? You can reserve your own room with choices across campus using 25Live. We also have rooms in the library that you can schedule through our Office Manager (counsel@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4340).
  6. Reserve a noise machine. Along with our usual happy lamps and weighted blankets, we will now be offering noise machines to help create a private environment wherever you choose to do your therapy. These machines are often used in therapy settings to help maintain privacy. Contact our Office Manager for details.
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If you want off-campus help, call 1-800-273-TALK or text “START” to 741-741.


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