The Hamilton College Grants Academy is a program geared toward pre-tenure faculty, who will receive focused assistance in completing and submitting an application for external funding.

Participants who complete a four-week summer course and submit a proposal will have access to an external consultant and receive a $1,000 stipend.

Eligible Participants

First priority goes to tenure-track Assistant Professors, with secondary consideration given to other tenured or tenure-track faculty who have not had an externally funded award during the last three years, followed by other tenured and tenure-track faculty and then (space permitting) visiting faculty. The course is limited to six participants. To apply to the program, faculty must submit a two-page summary of their project with selection for the program being made by the Associate Deans of Faculty.

Program Features

Faculty selected for the Program will attend two 45-minute sessions per week for four weeks during the month of June; Zoom and one-on-one sessions will be available as needed.

Participants must submit all workshop assignments by their stated deadlines. If an appropriate proposal reviewer is available, Hamilton will pay up to $350 for an external reviewer/consultant.

All participants will receive a copy of Grant Seeking in Higher Education by Mary Licklider and the University of Missouri Grant Writers Network.

Upon submitting a proposal to an external sponsor for an award of at least $15,000 within one year of the end of the course, participants will receive a $1,000 stipend.

How to Apply

Submit a one-page outline of a potential research project to grants@hamilton.edu.  Participants will be selected by the Office of the Dean of Faculty.  Applications are due by May 1.  Participants will be notified by May 15.

Space is limited. Only five participants will be selected for Summer 2023.

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