Meet Our Staff

Margaret Gentry

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty
mgentry@hamilton.edu 315-859-4601

As the vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty, Margaret Gentry is the chief academic officer of the College. Margaret oversees the instructional departments and the curriculum, supervises instructional budgets including grants and equipment, supports faculty members in their scholarly and creative development, and advises the President on academic personnel decisions. She chairs the Academic Council and is a member of the Committee on Academic Policy, the Faculty Committee on Admission and Financial Aid, the Faculty Committee on Budget and Finance, the Committee on the Library and Information Technology, and the Planning Committee. Reporting to the Dean are academic support services, Athletics, Institutional Research, Off-Campus Study, Opportunity Programs, the Registrar and the Wellin Museum. Margaret is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Women's and Gender Studies.

Samuel Pellman

Associate Dean of Faculty
spellman@hamilton.edu 315-859-4615

As the Associate Dean with responsibilities for personnel matters, Sam supports the hiring and development of the faculty and staff in Academic Affairs. He manages faculty recruitment (serving as Affirmative Action officer for faculty) and reappointment, tenure, and promotion procedures. He also supports the pedagogical, scholarly, creative, and administrative development of faculty members, with approval authority for the funding that supports faculty development, including that related to travel, start-up needs, external grants and fellowships, teaching innovation, endowed professorships, and research equipment. He coordinates new faculty orientation, new chairs' orientation, and mentoring programs. Sam is the James L. Ferguson Professor of Music.

Penny Yee

Associate Dean of Faculty
pyee@hamilton.edu 315-859-4615

As the Associate Dean with responsibilities for curricular matters, Penny supports the development of academic program initiatives (including First-Year Courses, Speaking-Intensive Courses, and the Diversity requirement), department reviews, advising (in collaboration with the Associate Dean of Students [Academic]), with approval authority for funding that supports the curriculum, including that for course-related activities (e.g., field trips), equipment, visiting speakers, and course development awards. In addition, Penny has responsibility for student academic support, including Hamilton’s Centers for Writing, Oral Communication, Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning, Languages, and English for Speakers of Other Language, as well as supervision of the student fellowships advisor. Penny is a Professor of Psychology.

Gillian King

Director of Academic Finances
gking@hamilton.edu 315-859-4611

In her role as the Director of Academic Finances and Resources, Gill advises the deans, sets policy, and manages the academic financial matters involving personnel, departments, programs and offices. In addition, she provides support and guidance for endowed funds, external grants, and operating budgets. Oversight for the staff and operations of the Dean's office and management of the academic office assistants fall under her scope, as does interfacing with the Business Office and Communications & Development on behalf of the academic division of the college.

Linda Michels

Senior Assistant to the Dean of Faculty
lmichels@hamilton.edu 315-859-4608

Linda Michels collects annual report information, department chair information, processes endowed funding reimbursements, coordinates faculty committee service, updates Faculty Handbook and Red Book, maintains data regarding faculty leave of absences, prepares faculty meeting agendas, processes faculty/student entertainment and faculty travel/support reimbursements, prepares new faculty contract letters, maintains slot tracker and faculty personnel information.

Kelly B. Walton

Senior Assistant to the Associate Dean of Faculty
kwalton@hamilton.edu 315-859-4615

Kelly B. Walton is responsible for administering teaching evaluations each semester, coordinating class and charter day, commencement and convocation awards, maintains master list of faculty offices and carrels, assists Associate Dean Pellman and faculty in searches and processes recruiting expenditures, maintains Associate Dean Pellman's calendar, and maintains reappointment/tenure/promotion files.

Tami L. Stevens

Assistant to the Dean of Faculty
tlsteven@hamilton.edu 315-859-4601

Tami Stevens provides a broad range of support for the Dean of Faculty office to include, maintaining Dean Gentry’s calendar, administering the College Speaker budget, scheduling and preparing agendas for Academic Council meetings and other faculty committee meetings, coordinating annual student travel awards and faculty awards and serving as the initial contact for all visitors to Buttrick Hall.

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