Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Ngonidzashe Munemo

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty



As the vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty, Ngonidzashe Munemo is the chief academic officer of the College. Ngoni oversees the instructional departments and the curriculum, supervises instructional budgets including grants and equipment, supports faculty members in their scholarly and creative development, and advises the President on academic personnel decisions. He chairs the Academic Council and is a member of the Committee on Academic Policy, the Faculty Committee on Admission and Financial Aid, the Faculty Committee on Budget and Finance, Library and Information Technology Committee, and the Planning Committee. Reporting to the Dean are academic support services, ALEX, Athletics, the Registrar, and the Wellin Museum.

Nathan Goodale

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Anthropology



As AVPAA, Nathan Goodale assists the VPAA/DOF on matters related to strategic initiatives and special projects; accreditation and assessment for the division of Academic Affairs; and data stewardship for academic affairs. He also serves as the Research Integrity Officer for the College. Nathan has oversight for the Registrar, Office of Sponsored Programs, the Physical Education Department, and the DOF office staff. As AVPAA, Nathan also collaborates with the ADOFs on matters of budget, facilities, and administrative processes.

Associate Deans of Faculty

The Associate Deans of Faculty oversee personnel matters such as recruitment, reappointment, tenure, and promotion procedures, as well as curricular development and review. They also support the pedagogical, scholarly, creative, and administrative development for faculty members, with approval authority for the funding that supports faculty development, including travel, start-up needs, external grants and fellowships, teaching innovation, endowed professorships, and research. 

Tina Hall

Associate Dean of Faculty and Christian A. Johnson Excellence in Teaching Professor of Literature and Creative Writing



Tina Hall serves as the Associate Dean for departments and programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences. She also coordinates the FYC program and supports academic advising with the Associate Dean of Students for Academics.

Penny Yee

Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Psychology



Penny Yee serves as the Associate Dean for departments and programs in the Arts and Sciences. She also supports academic advising with the Associate Dean of Students for Academics and serves as the Affirmative Action Officer for the College.

Administrative Staff

KinHo Chan

Dean of Engaged Education



KinHo serves as the Dean of Engaged Education, collaborating with staff and faculty across campus to develop and implement a strategic initiative called ALEX (Advise, Learn, EXperience), the goal of which is to support students developmentally by integrating academic and co-curricular advising, learning centers, and high-impact educational experiences. KinHo chairs the Global Education Committee and is a member of the NYC Program Advisory Board and the Advisory Committee for Academic Advising. Reporting to the DoEE are the Academic Resource Centers, Off-Campus Study, Opportunity Programs, the Levitt Center, the Community Outreach and Opportunity Project (COOP), and Student Fellowships.

Nicolas de la Riva

Associate Dean for Academic Finance and Resources



Nicolas de la Riva advises the deans, sets policy, and manages the academic financial matters involving personnel, departments, programs and offices. In addition, he provides support and guidance for endowed funds, external grants, and operating budgets. Oversight for the staff and operations of the Dean's office and management of the academic office assistants fall under the assistant dean's scope, as does interfacing with the Business Office and Advancement on behalf of the academic division of the College.

Jeffrey (Jeff) Ritchie

Director of Sponsored Programs



As Director of Sponsored Programs, Jeff Ritchie is responsible for assisting faculty with all aspects of external grant funding, including research funding opportunities, preparing proposals and proposal budgets, and providing support for post-award grant administration. In addition, he provides guidance and support on federal and state compliance issues and serves as a member of the Institutional Review Board.

Linda Michels

Senior Assistant to the Dean of Faculty



Linda Michels collects annual report information, department chair information, processes endowed funding reimbursements, coordinates faculty committee service, updates Faculty Handbook and Red Book, maintains data regarding faculty leave of absences, prepares faculty meeting agendas, processes faculty/student entertainment and faculty travel/support reimbursements, prepares new faculty contract letters, maintains slot tracker and faculty personnel information.

Kelly B. Walton

Senior Assistant to the Associate Deans of Faculty



Kelly Walton is responsible for administering teaching evaluations each semester, coordinates reappointment/tenure/promotion files, maintains master list of faculty offices and carrels, assists the Associate Deans and Departments with all faculty searches, and maintains Associate Deans’ calendars.

Kim Reale

Assistant to the Dean of Faculty



Kim Reale is responsible for all the administrative needs of the Dean, including calendar support, travel arrangements, scheduling committee meetings, correspondence, some budgetary and student award maintenance, and support for the Dean with campus-wide events. She also provides administrative support to the Director of Academic Finance and Resources and the Office of the President when needed. In addition, she helps with the planning for Commencement, Convocation, and New Faculty Orientation.

Project Assistant to the Dean of Faculty


The project assistant supports cyclical and on-going projects under the purview of the Dean of Faculty Office, including administering and tracking funding for visiting speakers, student entertainment, faculty travel, fellowships, and student research. Additionally, this role collaborates with offices across the college in support of Commencement, Convocation, Class and Charter Day, and New Faculty Orientation. Travel and check expense requests funded by the DOF office are handled by the project assistant.

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